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FiberLabs Optical Fiber Products
-Amplifiers, Fiber output-Light sources, Fluoride fibers-

     O-band Optical Amplifiers (PDFA)
  for increasing the link budget of 100GbE-LR4
AMP-FL56x0-OB series O-band fiber amplifiers are fully compatible with amplification of 100GBASE-LR4 wavelengths and can serve to extend the reach
by increasing the link budget.    more detail

 Optical Fiber Amplifier Series

What is optical amplfier ?
 Bench-top type amplifiers
 Rack mount type amplifiers
 Optical fiber amplifiers for CWDM transmission
What is WDM?
  8WL(1471, 1491,・・・1611nm) booster/inline amplifier
  4WL(1531,1551,1571,1591nm) booster/inline amplifier
  4x4WL Bi-directional booster amplifier
  4x4WL Bi-directional inline amplifier 
 Module type amplifiers
 Amplifier related product
  Wavelength / Bandwidth adjustable Tunable Filter for O-band
 ASE Light Source Series
What is ASE light source?
 Bench-top type ASE light source
 Module type ASE light source

 Fiber output-SLD LightSource Series

What is SLD light source?

 Fiber output-LD Light Source Series

What is semiconductor laser ?

 Fiber output-LED Light Source Series

What is LED ?

 Fluoride Fibers & Cables

What is fluoride fiber?
 ZBLAN fluoride glass fibers & cables
 AlF3-based fluoride glass fibers & cables
 Technical description of our products and related subjects

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